AntiVirus Portable Gucup 2009

Gucup AntiVirus 3.3.8 Update August 2009
Another antivirus nation's children attend the local anti-virus add to the list available. Gucup Antivirus (GAV) was made by Joseph Theretsa Patiku, student of Information Engineering Program, University of Atma Jaya Yogyakarta.

The features provided include:

* Memory system scanning
* Scanning All files
* Scanning Compressed files (. Zip and. Rar) [Optional, if you activate]
* Multi Selection Drive Scanning
* Good Accurate and Method Scanning
* Fast Scanning (depending on your computer spesification)
* Recover Folder and Files
* Show Hidden Folder [Optional, if you activate]
* Portable
* Friendly Inferface & Use
* Estimate Scanning with ProgressBar
* Percentage of Scanning Progress
* Log Off, Restart, Shutdown, and Lock Computer Menu
* Log File

Click below to get it:
Download Gucup3.3.8 AntiVirus 2009

Download Gucup3.3.6 AntiVirus 2009

Before you this menngunakan GAV 2009, your computer must have installed a minimum NET Framework version 1.1 If you do not have it please click below to get it:

Download Net Framework 1.1

ENSES32 AntiVirus System v.2 AntiVirus Indonesia

ENSES32 Antivirus is the antivirus that is free (freeware), so it can be downloaded as much. ENSES32 Antivirus is one of the nation's antivirus Indonesia's children, as well as antivirus - other local antivirus. Antivirus ENSES32 made in order to minimize the disruption of the virus in Indonesia. With a cool look, flexible, and simple, ENSES32 Antivirus can detect almost all viruses - a virus that is locally made. Users were given a lot of convenience in use.

Antivirus ENSES32 made with the programming language Visual Basic 6.0, similar to most other local antivirus. End - the end has been a lot of local antivirus that is scattered in the universe Indonesia, call it PCMAV, SmadAV, ANSAV, and still more again. All the antivirus has its own way of detecting a virus, there is based on CRC32, MD5 Code, heuristic, etc..

Click below to get it:

Download ENSENSE32 AntiVirus

Advantages include ENSES32 Antivirus ...

1. Is FREE, so freely used by anyone, anywhere and anytime!

2. View ENSES32 antiviral cool! Best overview interface,

3. Antivirus ENSES32 very easy to use, lightweight and with a stubborn protection.

4. Able to detect almost all the variant virus in Indonesia, by using heuristic technology, even most of the new local virus could be directly detected!

5. ONLINE UPDATES READY! ENSES32 able to update antivirus online virus database with the help of internet connection, it is easier for the user in its use. So the user does not need difficult - more difficult to upgrade the program. Staying click the "UPDATE NOW" then the virus database would be updated!

6. What if no internet connection, but there are many viruses that are not detected by ENSES32? It's easy, because ENSES32 designed to let users keep enjoy, how the user would add their own virus database, by right-clicking on the icon in the bottom corner ENSES32, then select "Add databasevirus", follow the instructions - instructions, and the virus database would be updated by the user. So no need to pan9k if there is a new virus threat,

7. PROTECTION guaranteed. ENSES32 antivirus protects your computer will be safe, and secure. Most viruses spread through the flash, therefore ENSES32 will protect your computer from viruses - viruses that are in flash. When the flash is plugged, ENSES32 will immediately check your USB Drive with managing details. So you will be safe from viruses - viruses recalcitrant of flash,

8. And many more features - other features which have not been in the peel out

Version of PCMAV

PC Magazine Media 11/2008 edition, accompanied by an extra DVD Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 Express Edition SP1 have been released. Along the same way, PC Media Antivirus again released. In this release, PCMAV 1.8 capable to recognize and overcome the virus and its variants 2254 that many reported widespread in Indonesia.

Although the previous version of PCMAV been able to use the latest ClamAV 0.94 engine for 400,000 additional virus detection more, but only in PCMAV 1.8 is officially declared its use.

Some viruses that need special handling, such as viruses or Virgear-Alimah Tiara that can infect files. DOC, then on PCMAV 1.8 engine also included a special cleaner to eradicate the virus completely and recover infected documents.

a. Added, the database 73 identifying and cleaning virus
local / foreign / new variants spread in Indonesia reported.
Total 2254 virus and its variants are circulating in many
Indonesia has been known in this 1.8 by engine internal PCMAV.

b. Added, a special cleaner for virus-Alimah Tiara that can
infect files. DOC.

c. Added, a special cleaner for virus Virgear.

d. Repaired, the fault detection (false alarms) heuristic on several
programs and scripts.

Antivirus SmadAV nation's children

SmadAV is one of the country boy made antivirus. Antivirus was developed by some of them are Zainuddin Nafarin (founder). Antivirus extraordinary was made when he was still using the white uniform of gray, klo gak salah he now go on to college diyogyakarta, and he also never won an Olympic math.

SmadAV name taken from the name stands for high school Smada = 2 town of Palangkaraya in Central Kalimantan area. while the AV of course, stands for antivirus.

The first time I know it can be recommended antiviral of, once the virus that inflamed the problem of personal computer, instantly vanished. It is antivirus dinegerinya host that he is more familiar with the local anti-virus, especially when paired with other foreign antivirus aan extraordinary results.

Not paying local antivirus is specialized to deal with local viruses or foreign rampant in Indonesia. With special anti-virus engine and added a heuristic algorithm is claimed to eradicate the virus variants either new or old variant that does not exist in the database SmadAV be detected easily.
SmadAV primary mission is to create locally extinct virus viruses is quite weak and easily eradicated by general properties of almost all the same. And also to import the virus, SmadAV not lose quality with antivirus imports to prevent entry of virus into the computer. We have already recognized SmadAV 2009 more than 2000 viruses. 700 viruses already in the database and many others recognized by heuristic techniques and intelligence SmadAV detect all programs that have similar characteristics of the virus.
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