Fixing Registry Using Registry Booster 2010

Uniblue Registry Booster 2010 is a software utility to repair the Windows registry to us. This software specifically designed to handle the existing problems in the registry system, so it will mengoptimalkaan performance computer system that we use

Computers that we use may be felt more and more slow and often crash. These problems often occur because every time you install or remove programs / software, add or remove hardware, or changing your computer settings, then change the Windows Registry.

Over time the registry is not structured will continue to grow. If allowed to continue an uncontrollable, then your system will become increasingly unstable, run more slowly and be more frequent crashes.

Registry Booster 2010 when the scan will check the file extension errors and registry conflicts. The next program will repair or remove a damaged file, dangerous and which are not used. By keeping the Windows Registry are structured so will accelerate your PC's performance with the most efficient speed.

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Antivirus now've started a sophisticated, first reply antivirus program must be installed on your computer first and can not be brought anywhere.

But this time the existing antivirus portable, so wrote to tingal enter our flash, and reply to the cafe would be all automatic updates.

This is actually an alternative for people who do not have the Internet itself, so the reply would have to update the antivirus first Internet cafe, it's a kalo gak pake antivirus portable tetep we can update the cafe.

But, kalo kalo pas nyolokin her that make even the flash of nyimpen update antivirus instead contracted the virus gimana? well, there are several portable antivirus application that is ready pake, live download aja.

The size of this portable antivirus software was a lot of options, from starting a sampe who segede Gaban cute, Just choose aja, tapi kalo pake aja I suggest that sedeng the "Clam Win", but it's up exactly, would reply that the size of software nyoba his may also segede Gaban:).

Well, it is the download link below, may be useful.

FREE DOWNLOAD ESA Portable Security 2010 10.5.0 (298 MB)

FREE DOWNLOAD AMPAWsmasherX 3.6 (3.78 MB)

FREE DOWNLOAD Portable ClamWin 0.95.2 (6.05 MB)

Launch Norton Antivirus 2010

TEMPO Interactive, Jakarta - Symantec launches new antivirus product for the Indonesian market in Jakarta yesterday. The product is Norton Antivirus 2010 and Norton Internet Security 2010.

This new antivirus rely on a new technology called Quorum. This technology is able to capture digadang programs unique evil though.

"This is an additional solution after a SONAR for heuristic-based protection and the traditional signature-based protection," said Effendy Ibrahim, Business Lead South Asia Regional Norton.

Quorum works based on the participation of more than 35 million users who joined Norton in Norton community. When users download or access a file or program, Quorum would signal the reputation of the program or file.

If only a few or only one user recommends that the program is dangerous or not credible, then Norton will advise users not to access it. This counted as a new way to handle malicious programs on your computer.

Quorum addition, these new products also develop features such as the existing SONAR 2 as the successor of the first generation, the new antispam, Norton Safe Web, and OnlineFamily.Norton. In addition, previous versions of Norton users who still can apply the software update for free.

Norton Antivirus 2010 dibanderol USD 388 thousand for the three-computer license and USD 218 thousand for a single computer license. The Internet Security 2010 dibanderol USD 448 thousand for the three computers and USD 268 thousand for a single computer license.

Avira antivirus

As already reported Avira dated 15 April 2008 yesterday (Company News), anti-virus Avira has released their new version with new engine AntiVir Virus Scanner Scan Engine 8. This version is not called by PersonalEdition Classic again, but the Avira Antivir Personal. They claimed that the new version of this engine increases performance up to 20%. Also Avira Antivir 8 version of this, also appeared with GUI (Graphical User Interface) is new. Or additional facilities in version 8 is as follows: * GUI (interface) new * Anti-virus a new engine, improving performance up to 20%. * Update Process Easier * Failsafe System Facilities still provide protection even if update failed

Display Home

For those of you may already be familiar with this AntiVirus, Avira Antivir PersonalEdition Classic. As well as AVG, Avira also offers free antivirus. With the installation files that only around 17 MB (less than AVG Free Edition which is about 32 MB), this antivirus is pretty good, a lot of positive response from many users. Relative scan detects more viruses than AVG or other anti-virus, even though not a few reports on the error detect the virus, so we must always be ready to decide whether the virus detected or not. But it makes Antivir better able to detect the latest virus variants. Setting about that later can be adjusted, in the Configuration menu.
Process Update

Like almost all antivirus, Antivir also provide automatic updates when we have a direct connection to the Internet. About Manual Update, compared to AVG, the update process may be somewhat inconvenient for those who have a slow connection, because the size of the update only one file with size more than 15 MB, up to now there is no option for smaller files. But after the update files available, the update process is very easy.

Each Anti-Virus will have strengths and weaknesses. After using Antivir, here are some pros and cons compared to other anti-virus, especially AVG Free Edition.


Able to detect viruses that can not be detected by other anti-virus

Rootkit detection is integrated with

Convenience to activate / non-enable the antivirus.

The process is relatively quick scan

Use of small memory resources

Update Virus Definition relatively fast

There are facilities to search for the name of the virus, from the list

Scheduler scans able to add or update as much as possible.


Sometimes one detects the application / file as a virus.

Customisasi scan just to drive, can not untul folder.

Update the size of which must be manually downloaded large enough, yet there are smaller alternatives.

Opening a file that contains thousands of quarantine will be very long

Applications can not maximize.


If the virus or quarantine the file quite a lot, maybe thousands, then the first loading Quarantine menu will be very slow. Likewise, when selecting a lot of data to be removed from the list. Applications may be impressed "hang" for a long time. To remove the virus list could be done by deleting the files in the following location (default location):

C: \ Documents and Settings \ All Users \ Application Data \ AntiVir PersonalEdition Classic \ Infected

Description All Users can be adjusted by a computer user who installed the application

Scan a particular folder can be done with a shell extention facilities / right click on the desired folder and select Scan selected files with AntiVir) or can also drag folders or files to the desired application window.

You can combine the two antivirus in a single computer, for example between AVG Free Edition and Avira Antivir PersonalEdition Classic. Noteworthy is when both of them detect the virus, then one must be clicked in order to ignore the other antivirus can process more information

There are several differences between the versions Free facilities with paid versions (Premium and the Security Suite). What are the distinguishing features can be seen

Download Avira Antivir Personal (21.3 MB)

Virus from Your Computer

Did you know that the interference with the computer not only caused by damage or technical errors in hardware and software.

Viruses and Spyware are computer problems caused by external parties with a variety of purposes such as to steal your data, damage your hardware, delete files, eliminate certain functions, taking control of your computer and others. Which must be very rare or may not have viruses and spyware that brings profit-making on the infected computer.

Computer viruses and spyware can attack your computer either online or frequent that never online to the internet though. Computers are connected with the disk or usb flash disk can be infected any of the software installed if not careful. If you have been infected with a virus or spyware that is active only when the computer is connected to the internet, then the viruses or spyware will be active when the computer is online.

1-2-3 Spyware Free 2009 (Portable AntiVirus)

1-2-3 Spyware Free (Portable AntiVirus) PC protected from Internet threats with ease and free from anti-spyware and anti virus solutions. Selecting one of the many anti-virus products may be confusing. Learning the right way in a good protection. The more options presented, the more difficult choices and trade-offs between your computer speed and security. Make your PC as safe as possible without significantly harming its performance.

1-2-3 Spyware Free savings from making the unclear decisions by offering you the best of both worlds: fast protection against all threats combined with ultimate performance at the same time. 1-2-3 Spyware Free detects and removes all types of viruses, spyware, Trojans and destroy components that can sneak into your PC while browsing the Internet.

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